Newsletter 4/20/2013

Posted on June 2, 2013 at 8:25 PM

Hello all,


There is a lot to cover in this newsletter, so I’ve broken it up into two main sections. Hopefully this will make it a little more user-friendly and help you get excited about what’s coming for Christian Fellowship!


Community Service


First of all, we raised $43.50 for Cycle for Clean Water through our “Cookies for Clean Water” project, which occurred this past Thursday, April 18th. Between baking and selling, we had five members in attendance, so we should be able to count it as an on-campus community service event. We are one step closer to actually getting a budget next year!


Yet, in order to qualify for a budget, we need one more off-campus service project. I have been in contact with Anne Lau, the director of children’s ministries at Salem, to find out if we can get involved with childcare during Sunday services. We are trying to determine if it is better that we all serve at the same time, or perhaps in a rotation. Also, we are working out the logistics of timing, whether or not this will be a one-time occasion, or if we could continue through the end of the semester. Please let me know if you are interested and available. Again, to qualify with SGA, we will need at least five members involved, so please try to attend.


In other community service news, although we have completed the requirements for an on-campus community service event, we are hoping to get involved in Wagner’s Lupus Walk. The event will be held on the Oval, Sunday May 5th from 12-2pm, and there is a $3 donation to walk. I would love it if we all could make it out to this event. For those of us going to Salem on Sunday, we could attend the 10:15 service and make it back in time for the walk.


Partnering with InterVarsity


You may not be aware, but throughout the year, Leah has been working very hard to connect our Christian Fellowship with InterVarsity, a network of christian fellowships on college campuses across the country (for more information, visit or She has been in frequent contact with Marie Rodriguez, a member of Salem Church as well as a representative for InterVarsity in the New York/New Jersey area. Leah and I met with Mrs. Rodriguez last Wednesday and she has many wonderful ideas about how to further our ministry on campus and I look forward to working with her. From what I understand, we are very close to becoming the first InterVarsity chapter on Staten Island! Once we partner, we will have access to many resources which will strengthen our ministry on campus.


One of the many resources will include the ability to attend Basileia, a week-long leadership training camp in upstate New York.  According to the InterVarsity website, “Basileia is a time for worshipping God, studying Scripture, deepening your vision, and strengthening your faith.” Mrs. Rodriguez would really like for a few of us to attend if we can. The camp runs from May 18-23, and costs about $400. But do not let money stop you. Scholarships and deferment are available. For more information about the activities, location and cost, visit


Closing Remarks


Well, that’s it folks! Thank you for sticking it out until the end. I know these newsletters can be long, but the information is crucial to the survival of our group and I appreciate your support. I wish you a blessed weekend. Be safe at Wagnerstock today.

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