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Newsletter 4/15/2013

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Hello all,


First of all, we will be having group on Thursday night in Guild 307 at 9:30pm. Hopefully we'll see you there :)


Next, we have been hard at work finding various community service projects to get involved in. While I have yet to hear back from Salem regarding childcare during services, we are still planning on holding a bake sale to support Greg Hansen's Cycle for Clean Water, an initiative to raise awareness and bring clean water to Africa. With Wagnerstock next weekend, we think our best chance is to bake in the Guild kitchen on Wednesday and sell them likely Thursday, or perhaps throughout the weekend. Of course, all the proceeds will go to supporting Cycle for Clean Water. We will need at least five group members to get involved in this project, either through helping bake on Wednesday or selling the bake goods throughout the weekend. If we do not have five members, the project will not count towards one of the two community service projects required by SGA. If you are able to help either with baking or selling, please send me an email. We need to make sure we can have at least five members involved, so PLEASE PLEASE email me! If we cannot get five members, we will have to move it and then it lowers our chances.  


Also in community service news, CJ looked into the on-campus Lupus Walk and according to Jessica Teresco, the student running the event, it can count as another one of the two community service projects required by SGA. The walk will take place on the oval on Sunday, May 5th, from 12pm-2pm. Now, there are various ways we can get involved. First, we can each donate $3 and walk to support the cause. Second, we can have another baking party to bake goods for the bake sale that will be held during the walk to raise additional funds for lupus research. Third, we can contact local businesses to donate items for gift baskets that will be raffled at the event. Any/all of these options will count towards the community service projects required by SGA, but as always, we will need at least five members to either attend or help in some other way.


On a different subject, after attending a service at the Brooklyn Tabernacle, Meghan has suggested we make a Christian Fellowship field trip to attend a service there on April 19th, which is next Friday. The service starts at 7:00pm, but we would likely have to get there an hour early to find seats (it fills up quickly!). So, if you would like to come out for that, please let me know. For those that are interested, I will be sending out an email to you with travel details as I work those out.


That is all I have for this week. Hopefully you will be able to come out for group and our service project :)

Newsletter 4/5/2013

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Hello all,


Here begins the Christian Fellowship newsletter! I shall try and send out regularly to keep you posted on group meetings, church goings, and other events we have planned. We still have the Facebook page, but it has been brought to the group's collective attention that the page isn't as effective as we'd like, so here's our Plan B.

I know I am probably missing some people, so please feel free to forward this message on to anyone else in the group or other friends that might be interested.

First things first, we had a fantastic group last night. Props to those that we able to make it. Leah read Chapter 7 from Francis Chan's book Crazy Love, which we have been working through this year. The chapter, titled "Your best life...Later," served as a reminder that Christianity is a delayed-gratification system, which differs greatly from the typical American mindset. We should be in constant pursuit of a relationship with Jesus and even though it may take time, energy, and money from today, the rewards will be great in Heaven.

Secondly, we are in the process of planning community service events not only to fulfill SGA's requirements, but also to put into practice the teachings from the chapter we just read. A member of Salem Church, Greg Hansen, is doing a cross-country bicycle ride to bring clean water to Africa (for more information, visit the website: We are going to host a bake sale, likely in Harborview and possibly in Towers, sometime this month to raise money for the cause. Thursday nights are the most profitable generally, so we should be aiming for either April 11th, April 18th or at the latest, April 25th. Please let me know which night would be best for you. The baking of the goods would occur the Wednesday before in the Guild kitchen.


I am also in the process of emailing Salem Church to see if there are service opportunities in the church, possibly in childcare. I will let you know of any information as soon as I hear back.

Continuing with service, if you can, please try to make it out to SAAS and AMT's Variety Night at the Coffeehouse on April 9th from 9:00pm-12:00am. If you have a talent you would like to perform, email [email protected] If you prefer to be a talented clapper and cheerer in the audience, just come out and support! The purpose of the event is to collect donations of money and/or art supplies for Art Start and they will be requested at the door.

Last note for service projects, CJ is looking into the on-campus Lupus Walk. As soon as he find out more, he will email me to pass on the information to you.

That's all for now folks! Check your emails and the Facebook page for more updates. We're planning on going to church at Salem this weekend, likely the 10:15 service. If you are interested, contact Leah or Steph for more details.